At the age of 84 Issey Miyake, a Japanese fashion designer dies

At the age of 84 Issey Miyake, a Japanese fashion designer dies

Issey Miyake, the game changer in the fashion industry, leaves us at the age of 84years losing in the fight against liver cancer in a hospital situated in Tokyo.

Born in 1938 in Hiroshima, Issey Miyake was just 7 years old when the atomic bomb ruined their city.

Traumatized from experience, he, in the New York Times opinion piece in 2009, stated, “When I close my eyes, I still see things no one should ever experience,” Furthermore he clarified that he focuses on the things “that can be created, not destroyed, and that bring beauty and joy”. This can be a reason for his astonishing designs in the fashion industry.

Issey Miyake
Issey Miyake Died at 84 Years

Being known for unique and astounding designs, Issey Miyake waved his final goodbye to the world on Friday.

Miyake was respected a lot in the industry due to his innovations. Also, their fusion of traditional and modern work is commendable.

Blessed with innovative skills in the designing field, Miyake made a successful global fashion company that even designed the neck jumpers worn by Steve Jobs.

With being this creative in the field, Miyake once stated that when he was younger, he aspired to become an athlete or a dancer, but after reading his sister’s fashion book, he changed his decision.

Talking about the start of Miyake’s career, he chose Tokyo art university to study graphic design. Then in 1960, Miyake landed in Paris to learn cloth design and worked with respected fashion designers Guy Laroche and Hubert de Givenchy.

Only a few people know that before starting the Miyake design studio in Tokyo in 1970, he also worked in New York for a short period.

Around the 1980s, Miyake was among the world’s most innovative designers due to the quality of clothes his firm used to manufacture.

Miyake figured out a method of manufacturing a type of clothes that didn’t wrinkle, and this blessed the company with mammoth success while creating hype in the global market.

The clothing style designed in Miyake’s mind was high-tech, and at the same time, the customers found the dresses comfortable with being practical.

Conversing about his achievements, Miyake was awarded the Kyoto prize back in 2006 for his being dedicated to the arts field; adding to this, Miyake is also respected for showcasing Japan’s tradition at the global level.

Being blessed with immense talent in the fashion and designing industry, Miyake also held an influential and robust personality. Having a peculiar thinking style, Miyake was a businessman who didn’t endure money too much and always used to wish good for humanity.

“I am most interested in people and the human form,” Miyake stated in the New York Times in 2014, adding that Miyake talks that “Clothing is the closest thing to all humans.”

Also, his approach to fashion was slightly different from others; Miyake used to think that through fashion, one can discover themselves better, and clothing can make one free.

Not having a business-centric mindset, Miyake used to suggest many ideas to the young designers, whether in interviews or by allowing them to work in his company and learn with him.

Along with Yoko Ono, Issey Miyake is one of the few Japanese who enacted a brand and is remembered by people for their commendable achievements and influential personality.

In the end, we would say that the demise of Issey Miyake deeply saddens us, but we should keep his personality alive.

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