Ben Affleck Shows Up Clean Shaven Before His 50th Birthday

Ben Affleck Shows Up Clean Shaven Before His 50th Birthday

American actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck appeared to be very content when he showed up for an event in Los Angeles. The Actor who will supposedly turn 50 on August 15th was photographed by the media with his distinguished appearance. He looked clean-shaven, slung a black rucksack over one shoulder, and held a can of Coke in the other. 

Ben returned shortly after weeks of honeymoon to Los Angeles so that he can work on his shortcoming film Aquaman 2. While all this his wife Jennifer Lopez who is 53 years old, stayed in Europe. As per the media, the couple has a very strong bond and if they spend some time away from each other due to professional reasons is not going to bother their relationship. 

Ben Affleck Clean Shaven Look

Some media sources expressed their view about the relationship of the couple by commenting “The one thing that makes their relationship so unique is that they do know more than anyone else the demands that come with doing what they do.” “They actually believe that spending time apart from each other makes them stronger and it is perfect because when they are apart, they are making an extreme amount of money. It is a win-win situation.” Basically, fans and media too are showing a positive face regarding the relationship of the couple. Several media sources seem too excited about the same and are following each detail in a dedicated manner.

The proof of this lies in the quote of media sources who are even familiar with the chit-chats that couples exchange. The media quoted it as:

“They are always talking, texting, FaceTiming, and even camming when they are apart working.” “And the time that they spend away from each other makes reuniting again that much better. J.Lo loves the fact that she knows her husband will be there for her no matter what.” Freedom of media aside this is an absolute invasion of privacy and the media must know its limit. The media must not invade the personal lives of celebrities to this level after all everyone needs some space. Not every jibber-jabber that is celebrity related is to be issued to the public.

Media too has an obligation to be sensible, civic and serious.

Post Wedding Events 

The wedding happened in a chapel and after that, the couple i.e Ben and Jennifer spent their time in Paris, France with their kids. They fully enjoyed the wedded bliss and were seen taking in the sights, shopping, and spending time on a boat and several other fun activities. As per media sources, the couple is very much familiar that their careers will take them to different places and they may remain apart but that thing will only be temporary and it will not affect their relationship anyhow. 

Due to work and several other professional reasons, there will be times when they will not be together but they are mentally prepared for it and won’t allow it to affect their relationship. Several media platforms quoted this as such as per the information they received from sources:

 “It’s something they’ve both acknowledged and discussed in great lengths throughout their relationship so it’s nothing new. Sure, being apart so soon after their wedding isn’t ideal. But they know they have their whole lives ahead of them and are loving every minute of the journey.”


With the upcoming movie Aquaman 2, Ben Affleck seems to have a busy schedule and so, weeks after his honeymoon he had to return to L.A. The couple has discussed it thoroughly to prevent the marriage from touching any rough edges and so things don’t seem to be getting complicated very soon.

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