Boosie BadAzz Net Worth 2022 | Career | Biography

Boosie BadAzz Net Worth 2022 | Career | Biography

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Torrence Hatch is a well-known American rapper who goes by the stage name Boosie Badazz. Boosie has experienced it all, from beginning his existence in the seedy slums of Baton Rouge to enjoying success as a well-known rapper. He had a latent knack for rapping, so he was determined to succeed despite his early life’s ups and downs. After that, he started composing albums and contributing to mixtapes and compilations.

Boosie BadAzz Net Worth
Boosie BadAzz Net Worth

Boosie BadAzz Net Worth

Boosie BadAzz, who has a high net worth, is a well-known figure in America who has found success as a rapper. For the past 30 years, BadAzz has worked in the American music industry and has produced some incredible work.

Although BadAzz has a large discography, his first seven albums are regarded as his greatest. Along with that, he established the record label Bad Azz Music Syndicate. Additionally, BadAzz has contributed to several shows and films. $10 million is thought to be his current net worth.

Boosie BadAzz Awards and Achievements

After leaving the camp in 2001, he secured a deal with Trill Entertainment. His second studio album, released in 2002, was a huge commercial success. He soon joined numerous of their projects.

Additionally, he released his debut mixtape in 2002 with help from Pimp C and Max Minelli, two other band members. Until 2010, he went as Lil Boosie and put out five albums, all of which were huge hits. However, he lost his flair and flare after being imprisoned in 2009.

Additionally, he released his debut mixtape in 2002 with help from Pimp C and Max Minelli, two other band members. Until 2010, he went as Lil Boosie and put out five albums, all of which were huge hits. However, he lost his flair and flare after being imprisoned in 2009. After being freed from jail in 2014, he released many albums, but only a select handful was commercially successful. He also had problems with his record company, Bad Azz Music, due to his legal troubles. He does, however, look terrific right now.

Boosie BadAzz Most Popular Things

In 2008, Boosie Badazz established the record label Bad Azz Entertainment. He was also a featured artist on Webbie’s track “Independent”and DJ Khaled’s “Out Here Grindin.”

His most recent commercial endeavor is his clothing company, Jewel House, which he started in 2014 after being released from jail. In eight months, it completed a $4 million transaction. His conviction that his family members are his jewels inspired the name of the apparel company.


Rapper C-Loc met his cousin, Boosie of Young Bleed, when he started rapping. After he encouraged Boosey, he tutored him. Boosie joined Death Camp in 1996 when he was 14 years old. He was the youngest member of the congregation.

The rally included Young Breed, C-Rock, and six others. Boosie joined the group in 2000 and gave a presentation on C-fifth Loc’s It’s A Gamble collection. He added, “Camp III: Thug Brothas”to his third studio collection of concentration camps in the same year.

Boosie BadAzz Net Worth

After the departure of Young Breed, Boosey had the opportunity to hope for a parliamentary chiefship, and it quickly developed into a remarkable quality. In 2000, his presentation of his collection Most Youngful of da Camp. We have completed the recording.

In 2001, he made a big break after tagging Pimp C’s Trill Entertainment. In 2002, he delivered his mixtape with a presentation called “Boosie.”

He worked with Trill rapper Webbie on the collections “Ghetto Stories”(released in 2003) and “Azz Mixtape Vol. 1″(released in 2004). In the same year, “Quaver Azz Mixes II”was shipped. In 2004, he distributed his next collection Gangsta Music, featuring Webbie’s brilliant new songs like Quaver Shit.

Boosie and Lava House Records released his 2005 collaboration, Joined We Stand, Divided We Fall. He and Pat Lourenzo also distributed the song “Road Chord.”In the same year, a special single, “Boss (Advance),”was released from “Terrible Azz.”That same year, he also signed a contract with Warner Bros. Records.

A derivative of “Boss Advance,””Boss Mixtape Vol. 1″was distributed by Trill in 2006. Also announced “Terrible Azz,”a major brand debut collection. He explored his battle with diabetes and his father’s drug-related death on the DVD Awful Azz, released shortly after that. Around the same time, the mixtape “Streetz Iz Mine”and “DJ Drama (Gangsta Grillz)”shipped.

He teamed up with his Webbie on his Awful Azz Mixtapes Vol. Boosie released two mixtapes in 2008, “Da Beginning Mixtape”and “Fourth Of July Bash.”His second major collection, Superbad: The Return of Boosie Bad Azz, was distributed in 2009. After serving a prison sentence for drug possession in 2010, he and C-Loc collaborated on the collection CD Solid. His next group, Imprisoned, followed. 2010 saw the release of a mixtape collection Gone Til featuring brilliant new songs, and 2011 saw Quick and Boosie’s ‘A large number of hits 3’. has been released.

Wrote record management for Atlantic Records after being released in 2014. “Show Da World”was provided with Webbie as his presentation tune. He has appeared on several tracks in a row, including ‘Beat Up the Block’ by Dorrough Music, ‘Wuda Cuda Shuda’ by 2 Chainz, and ‘Face Down by DJ Mustard.

In October 2014, the mixtape Facing Daily Life After Death Rowwas released. His sixth studio collection, Score 2 Cause Hell, was released in April 2015. Seventeen new songs in all.  

As of July 2017, Boozy is trying his hand at it earnestly, editing part of the free boxing movie Glass Jaw. The brilliant owner of the Ura Battle Club appears. He recently had acting experience in films like Gangsta Music and Last Dayz and Ghetto Stories: The Movie, where he played a humble street pharmacist.


It was at McKinley High School that Boosey Badas received his early education. After graduating, he quickly entered the music industry and quickly rose to great heights.

Boosie BadAzz’s Early Life

Boosie Badazz was born on November 14, 1982, in Torrence Hatch. His father struggled with drug addiction until he died in 1997. His mother worked as a teacher. His seven brothers.  

His parents named him Boosey, and eventually, he was named Lil Boosey. Despite his talent as a basketball player, his mother thought his good sportsmanship would help him get into a respectable institution. He was expelled from high school.

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