FIFA confirms change to start date of 2022 Qatar World Cup

FIFA confirms change to start date of 2022 Qatar World Cup

FIFA World Cup 2022, the most awaited and beloved sports event, has now faced a change in the starting date.

Yes, the FIFA World Cup of 2022 scheduled in Qatar now has a change in the starting dates, confirmed by the FIFA council.

So talking about the updates on the dates, the confirmation is that the FIFA council had decided to hold the event one day before the date that was fixed earlier. Earlier the FIFA World Cup was going to rock on the 21st of November, and now it will be taking place on the 20th of November. So now the tournament will start on the 20th of November and end on the 18th of December, and only after three months  FIFA lovers will be able to stream the FIFA World Cup 2022 hosted in Qatar.

FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup

On the starting day of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, all three game events are scheduled, and Senegal vs the Netherlands match that was supposed to open the event earlier but  is now postponed to the evening of the 21st of November with no changes done in release period for players date that will begin on the 14th of November.

Adding to this, the host country of the event, Qatar, is set with a great performance in the beginning that the audience will love. According to a FIFA statement, Qatar will play Ecuador at the start of the Cup at 19:00, which the people will enjoy gathering there or streaming the World Cup.

“The FIFA World Cup 2022 will kick off with an even greater celebration for local and international fans as host country Qatar will now play Ecuador on Sunday, the 20th of November as part of a stand-alone event,” Statement given by the FIFA council.

FIFA 2022 Qatar World Cup

The decision will ensure “the continuity of a long-standing tradition” in which the first match of a World Cup features either the hosts or the defending champions.

It “followed an assessment of the competition and operational implications, as well as a thorough consultation process and an agreement with key stakeholders and the host country,” Continuing the Statement, they said.

“ticket holders will be duly notified by email that the relevant matches have been rescheduled and their tickets will remain valid irrespective of the new date/time.” Statement by the FIFA council.

Also, in a statement released on Friday by the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy of the Qatar 2022 World Cup, they supported the date-changing decision the FIFA council made.

“FIFA assessed the impact of this decision on fans. We will work together to ensure a smooth tournament for the supporters affected by the change,” according to a statement.

So as of now, these are the only updates that include that the FIFA World Cup in Qatar has now witnessed a change in the starting dates, and the FIFA council members also postponed the opening match set earlier between Senegal and the Netherlands.

The change in timing of the match between Senegal and the Netherlands is done because the hosting country, Qatar, will now start the tournament with Ecuador on the evening of the 20th of November, and that’s why the opening event of the Cup was scheduled on the 21st of November’s morning will now be played in the afternoon of the same date.

The World Cup hosts have featured in the tournament’s opening match since the 2006 edition in Germany, where Jurgen Klinsmann’s team beat Costa Rica 4-2.

Between the 1974 and 2002 tournaments, the defending champions opened the tournament, with France infamously going down to Senegal in the last World Cup to follow that tradition.

So we hope you got all the updates about the change in the starting dates of the FIFA World Cup 2022 set to host in Qatar, which is scheduled from the 20th of November to the 18th of December. Thanks for reading the article.

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