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Petra Nemcova Net Worth

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Early Life

A model scout in her native Czech Republic first saw Petra Nemcova when she was just a small girl. Initially hesitant to pursue a career, she won a modeling competition at 16, signed with an agency, and traveled to Milan to kick-start her career. She featured in several periodicals, advertisements, and films before getting her big break on the cover of the “Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.” After this, her modeling career took off swiftly. She took part in a “Dancing with the Stars” season and has hosted and judged fashion shows and contests. Her most significant work may have come after a catastrophe she experienced in Thailand.

She and her fiance were on vacation when a massive tsunami struck, wounding her and taking many others. She was motivated by this tragedy to start the “Happy Hearts Foundation” to give hope to the kids impacted by similar disasters. In addition, she has contributed her time to several other charities and won numerous awards. She also wrote and published her autobiography Always Love Petra, which talks about growing up in Soviet-era Czechoslovakia. 

Petra Nemcova Net Worth
Petra Nemcova Net Worth

Petra Nemcova Net Worth

Petra Nemcova, with a net worth of $13 million, is a Czech model, television personality, author, and philanthropist. Petra Nemcova acquired her wealth by working as a model for Sports Illustrated and other well-known publications and companies. She has also had a fruitful career as a novelist and in television.

Awards & Achievements

· The “Survivor Award” was given to her by Glamour in 2005 as a result of her actions in the wake of the tsunami the year before.

· In 2012, she won the James Hammerstein Award for her efforts to help needy children at the Make Belief event on Broadway. As a result of her work with “HHF” in Haiti after the devastating earthquake, she was given the status of “Ambassador-at-Large” in the same year. The Most Popular Items

Petra Nemcova Most Popular Things

· Her big break came in 2003 when she graced the cover of Sports She Illustrated’s Swimsuit Edition. Later, she developed into a supermodel, working for companies like Victoria’s Secret and making appearances on the pages of Elle and Glamour.

· She started an organization to aid kids in recovering from natural calamities after the tsunami. Her life has been devoted mostly to this endeavor.

Petra Nemcova Career

· After her incredibly brief stay in Milan, she returned to the Czech Republic because she felt overpowered by the glamour business at such a young age. She was 16 when she won the Czech Elite Her Model Her Look contest in 1995. After that went back to Milan and started modeling professionally.

· She made her television debut in the British sitcom “Absolutely Fabulous” a year later.

· She debuted in 2002’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition of her.” She accomplished a significant professional milestone when she was featured on the magazine’s cover the following year.

· In Ecuador in June 2004, she was on the panel of judges for the 53rd Miss Universe competition.

· She published her autobiography, “Love Always, Petra,” in 2005. In it, she describes growing up in Communist-run Czechoslovakia. From her first modeling job to her current status as a supermodel, it details her career development.

· To rebuild schools and support kids while they recover from natural catastrophes, she founded the “Happy Heart Foundation” (HHF) in 2006. The tsunami disaster in Thailand two years prior served as inspiration for this.

· In 2007, she directed A Model Life, an American reality show that follows a group of models struggling to find success in New York City. The same year, she presented at “Live Earth,” an entertainment festival with a green theme. She dabbled in real estate in 2008, selling two New York City residences for about $25 million. She had graced the covers of several publications by this point, including “Sports Illustrated,” “Cosmopolitan,” “Elle,” “Shape,” “Figaro,” and “Glamour.” She has appeared in commercials for numerous products, including Victoria’s Secret, Maiden Form, Playtex, John Lewis, and many more. 

· She represented “Only Make Believe,” a group that puts on plays for children in hospitals, in 2012.

· In January 2015, she took Abbey Clancy’s place as the spokesperson for “Ultimo” underwear.

· Nmcová rose to fame outside of fashion from her Walter Iooss shoot in Barbados to being on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2003. Joanne Gair used her as a model for her body paintings. In January 2015, Nmcová replaced Abbey Clancy as the face of her Ultimo underwear. She also represents Chopard internationally. 

· When the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami happened, Nmcová and her partner Simon Atlee were in Khao Lak, Thailand. Nmcová sustained major internal injuries in addition to a fractured pelvis while Atlee perished; nonetheless, she could hang onto a palm tree for eight hours before being rescued by Thai citizens and taken by helicopter to a nearby inland hospital.

Petra Nemcova Legacy

Tragic events occurred in December 2004 as Nmcová and her fiancé, Simon Atlee, were on vacation in Thailand. A couple was swept out of their hotel room window by a spectacular tsunami, one of the worst natural disasters in history. Nmcová escaped by hanging to a palm tree despite suffering lacerations and a severely broken pelvis, while Atlee was swept away into the ocean and discovered dead three months later.

In 2006, he founded the Happy Hearts Foundation (HHF), an organization to help victims of natural disasters. After first responders have departed, they focus on penetrating the scene and rebuilding schools. She was motivated to work on this piece by encountering the tsunami in Thailand.

She was rumored to have dated Sean Penn and James Blunt. In 2012, she called off her engagement to actor Jamie Bellman. She’s now blissfully dating Haiti’s prime minister, Laurent Lamothe.

Petra Nemcova Early Life

One of two kids, Petra grew up close to her sister Olga. She was found by “NEXT Model Management” as a young adolescent and out and about in Prague. After signing, she promptly relocated to Milan, Italy.

Petra Nemcova Net Worth

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