Ree Drummond Net Worth |2022| Career | Biography

Ree Drummond Net Worth |2022| Career | Biography

Ree Drummond Net Worth


Childhood & Early Life


The name “The Pioneer Woman” refers to her popular blog. A ranch in Oklahoma is her home.  She grew up in Bartlesville, Oklahoma, and went to school for journalism and gerontology. Her first blog was called “,” but she eventually rebranded it as “Confessions of a Pioneer Woman” and now just “The Pioneer Woman.” Her website has several popular features, but “Confessions of a Pioneer Woman” continues to be a big draw.

 Several prominent magazines praised her writing style, her ideas, and some of the blog’s high-quality images, contributing to the blog’s meteoric rise to recognition and success. In her blogs, she also posts enticing culinary creations she has photographed.

 She launched her cooking program in 2011 and is currently airing episodes of “The Pioneer Woman” on “The Food Network.”

Ree Drummond Net Worth
Ree Drummond Net Worth

Ree Drummond Net Worth

Ree Drummond is a blogger, author, food writer, photographer, television personality, and celebrity chef reported to be worth $50 million. Ree has access to the affluent family of her husband and stands to earn handsomely. The family of Ree’s husband, Ladd, controls about 400 thousand acres of land in the United States. Outside of Pawhuska, Oklahoma, her husband and four children live together on a ranch.

Ree Drummond Net Worth

Ree Drummond Career

  • In May 2006, Ree created her blog at “” using the Typepad blogging platform. In short order, she registered the domain name “”
  • In time, she expanded her blog to include more than simply “Confessions of a Pioneer Woman.” Soon after, she decided to call her first blog “The Pioneer Woman.”
  • However, most of her blog is devoted to her life as a ranch wife and mother, including photos of her delicious-looking meals. She educates her children at home and has written several popular blogs about the process.
  • How to Cook a Steak was the title of her first food blog, which she published in 2007. She tweeted the lengthy, thorough recipe with roughly 20 photos showing the steak at various stages of cooking, which she memorably called “crazy detail.” Her blogs have become quite popular with readers because of her engaging storytelling and sharp humor.
  • The rural ranch lifestyle she romanticized in her writings is not representative of the “modern American” ideal. As Ree’s blog gained popularity, she began to receive recognition.
  • After her site started getting over 13 million monthly “hits,” she was quickly recognized as one of the most popular bloggers in the United States. In 2011, she averaged over 4 million “unique visits” and 23 million “views” each month. At the time, it was believed that Ree’s “views” totaled almost as many as those of ‘The Daily Beast,’ one of the most popular American websites.
  • Her fame as a blogger was so great that a major newspaper covered it in Canada (The Globe and Mail). The term “mother of all farm girl blogs” was invented to describe her site. The New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, and BusinessWeek are some of the other prominent newspapers and magazines covering the pioneering popularity of “The Pioneer Woman.”
  • She reportedly makes over a million dollars annually from her blog’s advertisements. Her blog’s design and photography have both vastly improved over time.
  • In April 2008, she held a contest where readers could submit their most cherished culinary creations. After announcing the contest on her blog, she got over 5,000 recipes in less than a day, making it a huge success. Since she promised to do so and discovered that many of her followers shared her passion for cooking, she compiled a collection of their most delicious contributions.
  • In 2009, she launched a second website called “” It was made especially for her followers, who were always looking for new delicious recipes. Her audience was able to benefit from the free community by contributing their recipes. This forum was perfect for debating cooking techniques, sharing recipes, and having heated debates.
  • Several food bloggers currently utilize ‘’ to advertise their sites.
  • Additionally, Ree has authored several cookbooks. In her posts, she discusses her actual romantic experience. A collection of these tales, titled “From Black Heels to Tractor Wheels,” was published in 2011. In the movie, Reese Witherspoon will play the title role.
  • A few of Ree’s works for young readers have also been well received.
  • She has made several television appearances throughout the years, making her more approachable to the general population. She first gained widespread attention after appearing with Bobby Flay on the program “Throwdown!” To compete in a culinary challenge with Bobby, she appeared on the program as herself.
  • She has had her daytime series on the Food Network, titled “The Pioneer Woman,” since 2011.

Ree Drummond Childhood & Early Life

  • Ree Drummond’s love and support from her birth mother stoked her fire for the kitchen. She spent her childhood on a ranch in Oklahoma’s countryside, but she had dreams of one day moving to the big city and making a success of herself there.
  • In 1987, she graduated from “Bartlesville High School” with her high school diploma. Journalism was her concentration in college, and that helped her develop as a writer and improve her skills.
  • She had long ago decided to pursue a legal education and was thrilled about the prospect of doing so at one of Chicago’s numerous prestigious schools. She uprooted her life and moved to a ranch in Oklahoma, where she began her literary career.

Ree Drummond Personal Life

  • Before meeting her future husband Ladd at a pub in the mid-1990s, Ree Drummond had aspirations of becoming a lawyer. In September 1996, Ree and Ladd began dating and eventually tied the knot.
  • Due to Ladd’s rancher ancestry, the couple settled on the Ladd cattle ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. In her writings, Ree often calls her spouse “The Marlboro Man.”
  • Ree and Ladd launched a restaurant in Pawhuska in 2016 called “The Mercantile.”

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