Rita Ora as Per Reports Ties Knots With Taika Waititi Recently at London

Rita Ora as Per Reports Ties Knots With Taika Waititi Recently at London

Rita Sahatçiu Ora is a 31 years old British Singer and Songwriter. She gained prominence in the year 2012 after she went for DJ Fresh’s single, “Hot Right Now.” When it was released it was ranked at the top in the U.K. Further albums like R.I.P and “How we Do Party ” were back-to-back consecutive hits. 

Back in 2012, Ora owned the most number-one hits in the UK Singles Chart history as an artist. Further, she received the confidence of the audience for her songs in 2015 and 2018 and became the first British female singer who has thirteen top ten songs in the U.K. Recently, in February 2022 she announced that she sang with BMG.

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi

Rita is just not limited to singing and lyrics writing but has also mesmerized the audience with her acting skills. Rita first appeared as an actress in a British drama named “The Brief” at the age of eleven. Further, she has appeared in many films and entertained the audience. Her acting skills were very much appreciated when she appeared in the film Twist which is the cinematic version of Charles Dickens Oliver Twist novel. She was announced to play a fugitive with unexpected skills who holds a secret that might have an impact on an entire kingdom in the Disney+ prequel to the 2017 movie Beauty and the Beast, however, the project has been placed on hold indefinitely.

According to a recent story, Rita Ora is now married. After dating Taika Waititi who is a film director and is New Zealand based for a year and a half, the British musician, 31, secretly wed him in what a source for the media characterized as a very private or to put in their words “intimate” ceremony. The news regarding the same is still not confirmed. Several media houses have claimed but not confirmed it and the truth behind the claim remains nebulous.

Three months after dating allegations initially surfaced, in August 2021, Rita and Taika finally made their alleged romance public. When they went to see the premiere of The Suicide Squad together, they formally acknowledged that their relationship was genuine. Since then, Taika’s 46th birthday celebration over the summer was one of many memorable occasions the two have shared. Rita officially launched the romance Instagram account on that occasion.

Rita and Taika’s romance, as fans may remember, truly took off in May 2021 when they were both spotted getting close to Thor: Love & Thunder actress Tessa Thompson in Australia. Later, in July, Taika addressed the infamous photographs for the first time.

Also, according to several media outlets, there will be another, much bigger party. There will be a large celebration planned, but fans and followers must not anticipate seeing it sold to the highest-paying magazine. They stated despite the wedding the singer and lyricist is not ignoring the work and is hyper-focused on it. Rita is already back in the studio working on her third album; her most recent session was with Rollo, a writer for Ava Max and Noah Cyrus.

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