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Jennie Kim, a South Korean pop singer, is a member of the all-female K-pop collective “Black Pink.” After moving from New Zealand to Seoul, South Korea, Kim was hired by “YG Entertainment” as a trainee to complete her education. She became well-known after appearing in the “That XX” music video by G-music Dragon. Later, she also made an appearance in his song “Black.” After heavy “YG Entertainment” advertising for the release of “Black Pink,” Jennie joined Lisa, Jisoo, and Rosé in the band on August 8, 2016.

Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim

Additionally, Lee Hi’s single “Special,” Seungri’s song “GG Be,” and G Dragon’s song “Eventually” were all the products of Jennie’s collaboration with musicians. She and the other band members have an extensive fan base, and she is generally regarded as the band’s leader. The record label run by Jennie Kim, “YG Entertainment,” refers to her as “the YG Princess” and views her as the organization’s strongest suit. She is a well-known K-pop singer fluent in English, Korean, Japanese, and Spanish.

Jennie Kim
Jennie Kim

Jennie Kim Early Life

In 2022, Jennie Kim—born on January 16, 1996—will be 26 years old. She was born and reared in a thriving, long-established family in Seoul, South Korea. It is known that she is of South Korean descent and that she practises Christianity. She finished her early education in Seoul, South Korea’s Cheongdam Middle School, before continuing her studies in Auckland, New Zealand’s Waikowhai Intermediate School.

Jennie’s Selfcare Routines

She subsequently enrolled in New Zealand’s ACG Parnell College. She was less focused on her education and more engaged in extracurricular activities like singing and dancing from a very young age. She used to participate in several tournaments.


  • In 2010, Jennie Kim began her six-year training period with YG Entertainment to launch her singing career. In the 2013 songs “Special,” “GG Be,” and “Black,” she performed.
  • In 2016, she released the single albums “Square One” and “Square Two.”
  • She participated in the “BlackPink” extended play in 2017.
  • She was the primary artist and participated in the music video for her solo album, “Solo,” published in 2018. The single album “Ddu-Du-Ddu-Du” included her as well this year. On the song “Kiss and Makeup” this year, BlackPink and Dua Lipa worked together.
  • BlackPink Arena Tour 2018, “Special Final at Kyocera dome Osaka,” and BlackPink 2018 Tour, “At Your Area” Seoul,” are two live CDs she released in 2019.
  • In 2020, she developed the melody and words for the song “Lovesick Girls.” 
  • She also participated in the live album BlackPink 2019-2020 World Tour in Your Area – Tokyo Dome this year. This year, she also appeared in the single album “How You Like That.”
  • In addition, she performed with the Girl Group Blackpink on several concert tours, extended plays, promotional singles, collaborations, chart-topping songs, music videos, DVDs, and Blu-rays, among many other things.

Awards and Achievements

Just Jennie Kim has had ten nominations, and she has won three of them. She was given the Song of the Year – November award by the Gaon Chart Music Awards in 2019. She was recognized for her work in “Solo” with two awards in the same year: Best Digital Song (Bonsang) by the Golden Disc Awards and Best Female Solo Artist by the Philippine K-pop Awards.

In addition to this, she was also nominated for the Mnet Asian Music Awards, Genie Awards, and SBS Entertainment Awards. This is a list of all her awards; in addition, she has had 230 nominations and won 71 awards while a member of the group BlackPink.

Famous for

Jennie Kim certainly isn’t far off regarding the K-pop industry’s all-rounders. Although the Blackpink rapper is great at spitting bars, she is also a fantastic vocalist and complete fashionista. There isn’t much this powerhouse of ability can’t do, as evidenced by the fact that she rocks both the music and fashion industries.

Jennie Kim Net Worth

Jennie Kim has a $10 million net worth as of 2022. Jennie’s primary sources of income are her music and television work. Jennie also makes money from TV advertisements and numerous brand sponsorships.

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